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New Life for Rechargeable Batteries - No Rejuvenator Required!
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This is an online step by step guide for rejuvenation without the use of a rejuvenator device.
(no hardware is included)

Here is a Useless battery that will be Rejuvenated! New Life Once Again!

Even though this battery was fully charged a day earlier, it has lost its charge. It should be at least 14.4 volts.

7 Volts Before Battery Rejuvenation

Here is a battery like the one above - for practical purposes it was dead & useless. It wouldn't hold a charge. After Rejuvenation and some usage, it is still showing more than 14.4 volts. It was charged over a week ago!
(Time Rejuvenation will last depends upon the initial condition of the battery) 

15 Volts After Battery Rejuvenation
Learn More About Rejuvenation and Resurrection of NiCad Batteries

Rejuvenate Dewalt Makita Craftsman Black and Decker Ryobi 12v 14.4v 15.6v 16.8v 18v 19.2v 24v

Rejuvenate means return to original condition

Rejuvenation and Resurrection

Rejuvenate means to restore to an original condition. When a NiCad rechargeable battery ages the chemistry changes inside the battery and therefore it is impossible to rejuvenate it. When I use the term rejuvenate on this website I am talking about getting new life from a dead NiCad battery. Resurrection is a better term to describe the results you can get when you resurrect a NiCad battery. Resurrection means to bring back to life or bring back from the dead. The battery resurrection guide from Unique Dynamics, Inc. will teach you step by step how to get new life from your dead rechargeable batteries.

Revive is a better term for getting new life from a dead NiCad rechargeable battery. Revive means to bring back to life or to resuscitate.

Why is it important to Rejuvenate, Revive, or Resurrect NiCad Batteries?

NiCad batteries contain nickel and cadmium. Cadmium is a heavy metal that is suspected of causing cancer and harming our immune systems. When someone's NiCad battery is dead or not performing, it then has no value to the owner causing the owner to throw it away. The law says that NiCad batteries should be recycled, but they find their way into the environment anyway. The best way to keep the batteries in the owners posession and out of the landfills is for these batteries to have value and the only way they will have value is if they work again.

How can a dead battery be brought back to life or Resurrected or revived?

There are some rejuvenators on the market that condition the rechargeable battery. The rejuvenator is a hardware device and is fairly expensive. As I said earlier, rejuvenation is not possible because rejuvenate means to return the battery to it's original condition. No process can turn a used dead battery into a new one, but there is one proven way to get more life from you dead rechargeable NiCad batteries. That process is "BATTERY RESURRECTION®".

To learn more about battery resurrection, click on this link


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